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Shanghai Huamao Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., founded in 1996, is an export-oriented high-tech enterprise with professional production of Pharmaceutical Lactose and DextransDextran-Series products and Pharmaceutical Lactose have obtained the Approval of State Drug Administration respectively, the annual production capacity up to 400 tons and 2000tons,and product quality has reached the level of the latest USP and BP standards.

 Enterprise Technology is strong in the original production of dextran membrane separation technology with the advanced international level, have obtaned the patent; In 2003 obtained "SME Technolog Innovation Fund"of Ministry of Science and Technology; In 2004 passed the GMP registration, and identified as high-tech enterprises in Shanghai. In July 2015, receive a new version of GMP certificate issued by China Food and Drug Administration.

Shanghai Huamao Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is located in Xinzhuang industrial park of Minhang District, Shanghai City, next to A4 highway, the transportation is convenient. The company aims: adhering to the business philosophy of "honesty, science and technology, innovation", constantly meet the clients’ requirement as the work target. It strieves to make the company's products professional, precised, stronger and bigger.

Company's History
  • In July 2015, receive a new version of GMP certificate.In July 2015, receive a new version of GMP certificate.
  • In September 2014, fully takepver by shandong Jinyang pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
  • In May 2011, receive GMP certificate. 
  • In 2006, its Dextran 40 successfully register in India.
  • In 2006, its Dextran 40 successfully register in Uzbekistan.
  • In December 2004,  identified as Shanghai High& NewTechnology Enterprise.
  • In August 2004, pass GMP certification.